Category: Reviews

EBow Review

The EBow can turn your guitar into a violin, cello, brass instrument or out of this world synth. Find out how you can get unlimited sustain without the ear-piercing volume.

Fretlight FG-421 Review

As a guitar teacher I was extremely curious and excited when I first heard about Fretlight guitars and after a long time I managed to find somebody who offered to lend me their guitar...

Zoom G5 Review

The Zoom G5 offers unique features and quality at an amazing price. Find out what sets the G5 apart from other multi-effects units and why it’s worth considering.

Guitar Pro 6 Review

Guitar Pro 6 is one of the few programs I highly recommend for every guitarist. Find out why it’s so useful in this detailed review.

Pedal Power 2 Plus

Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus Review

If you’re building up a collection of pedals, buying a dedicated power supply unit eliminates a lot of problems and hassles. Find out how the Pedal Power 2 Plus can power your entire pedalboard.

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