Bite-Size Guitar Podcast

The Bite-Size Guitar Podcast is a short and to-the-point podcast for all guitarists.

This podcast aims to give guitarists of all skill levels useful advice and suggestions in the shortest time possible. Instead of sitting through long intros, sponsored messages, or irrelevant rambling, these bite-sized episodes will give you something practical you can immediately work on with your guitar.

What to expect from the Bite-Size Guitar Podcast:

  • Short 5-15 minute episodes every week
  • Straight to-the-point discussion without any sponsors, ads, long intros, or rambling
  • Actionable advice and ideas you can immediately use
  • Links to useful resources, guides, and lessons

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Ask a Question

You can ask any question you have about learning guitar, questions about a past episode, or general guitar advice and I’ll answer your question in the podcast.

Use your Android/PC/Mac (iOS doesn’t work) to record your question below and send it to me to be included in a future episode.

Tips for asking a question for the podcast:

  • Introduce yourself at the start (eg: Hi, I’m Aaron from Australia …)
  • Try to record in a quiet environment to avoid background noise
  • You have up to 90 seconds to record, so take your time providing any details you want

If you want to send me a question in text instead of voice, you can send it here.

Episode Resources

For each podcast episode, there is a dedicated page filled with links to useful resources and guides.

Check out the resources for each episode below:

Bite-Size Guitar Podcast

Getting Stuck in a Rut With Guitar: Bite-Size Guitar Podcast Episode 1

Find out how to get out of a rut with guitar in this podcast episode. Hitting a plateau happens to every guitarist and this podcast explains how to deal with it.

Bite-Size Guitar Podcast

Alternate Tunings Challenge: Bite-Size Guitar Podcast Episode 2

In this podcast, learn how you can use alternate tunings to break out of plateaus and think about guitar in new ways. Includes helpful resources and guides.

Bite-Size Guitar Podcast

Why You Should Record Your Playing: Bite-Size Guitar Podcast Episode 3

Find out how recording your guitar playing can be used as a tool to help you become a better guitarist. This podcast episode will give you new ideas on why to start recording your playing.

Bite-Size Guitar Podcast

Mindless vs Deliberate Practice: Bite-Size Guitar Podcast Episode 4

Learn the important difference between mindless and deliberate practice, how it impacts your progress on guitar, and how to get more out of your practice efforts.

Bite-Size Guitar Podcast

Open vs Closed-Minded Guitarists: Bite-Size Guitar Podcast Episode 5

Find out why some guitarists are close-minded and how it can happen to anybody. Learn the benefits of being open-minded and how to avoid becoming close-minded.

Bite-Size Guitar Podcast

Your Guitar Strengths vs Weaknesses: Bite-Size Guitar Podcast Episode 6

Find out how focusing your practice on strengths or weaknesses impacts your guitar abilities. Learn which is the right option for you and what to do about it.

Bite-Size Guitar Podcast

How to Develop a Good Sense of Pitch: Bite-Size Guitar Podcast Episode 7

Find out how to develop your sense of pitch and how it improves your abilities on guitar. Learn why some people think they’re tone-deaf and why anybody can develop a good sense of pitch.

Bite-Size Guitar Podcast

Using a Looper Pedal as a Practice Tool: Bite-Size Guitar Podcast Episode 8

A looper pedal is a fun performance tool but it can also be a handy practice tool. In this episode, find out how to use a looper pedal to work on your guitar skills.

Bite-Size Guitar Podcast

The 2-Note Guitar Challenge: Bite-Size Guitar Podcast Episode 9

The 2-Note Challenge is a great way to test out your improvisation skills. See how this challenge can help you improve your creativity and come up with better solos.

Bite-Size Guitar Podcast

When to Move on When Learning a Song: Bite-Size Guitar Podcast Episode 10

Find out when you should move on when learning something new like a song, scale, or technique. See which mindset you currently use and whether you should try something different.

Bite-Size Guitar Podcast

Different Paths to Take as a Guitarist: Bite-Size Guitar Podcast Episode 11

Learn about different career or hobby paths you can take as a guitarist. Some of these paths are obvious, while others may surprise you.

Bite-Size Guitar Podcast

Should You Upgrade or Replace Your Guitar: Bite-Size Guitar Podcast Episode 12

Find out how to decide between upgrading your guitar or replacing it in this short podcast. This is something every guitarist thinks about at some point.

Bite-Size Guitar Podcast

How to Learn Songs by Ear: Bite-Size Guitar Podcast Episode 13

Find out how to learn songs by ear on guitar in this podcast episode. Start by learning simple melodies and work your way up to playing full songs by ear.

Bite-Size Guitar Podcast

How to Shape Your Playing Style: Bite-Size Guitar Podcast Episode 14

Find out how the way you practice something shapes and changes your playing style. Once you understand this, you can use it to get better results from your practice routine.

Bite-Size Guitar Podcast

3 Ways to Use a Metronome to Become a Better Guitarist: Bite-Size Guitar Podcast Episode 15

Learn three different ways you can use a metronome to improve your guitar skills along with some basic rhythm exercises to get you started.

Bite-Size Guitar Podcast

3 More Ways to Use a Looper Pedal for Practice: Bite-Size Guitar Podcast Episode 16

Learn three ways you can use a looper pedal to practice guitar parts and grow as a guitarist. Find out how to use a looper pedal in different ways.