Bite-Size Guitar Podcast

The Bite-Size Guitar Podcast is a short and to-the-point podcast for all guitarists.

This podcast aims to give guitarists of all skill levels useful advice and suggestions in the shortest time possible. Instead of sitting through long intros, sponsored messages, or irrelevant rambling, these bite-sized episodes will give you something practical you can immediately work on with your guitar.

What to expect from the Bite-Size Guitar Podcast:

  • Short 5-10 minute episodes
  • Straight to-the-point discussion without any sponsors, ads, long intros, or rambling
  • Actionable advice and ideas you can immediately use
  • Links to useful resources, guides, and lessons

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Ask a Question

You can ask any question you have about learning guitar, questions about a past episode, or general guitar advice and I’ll answer your question in the podcast.

Use your Android/PC/Mac (iOS doesn’t work) to record your question below and send it to me to be included in a future episode.

Tips for asking a question for the podcast:

  • Introduce yourself at the start (eg: Hi, I’m Aaron from Australia …)
  • Try to record in a quiet environment to avoid background noise
  • You have up to 90 seconds to record, so take your time providing any details you want

If you want to send me a question in text instead of voice, you can send it here.

Episode Resources

For each podcast episode, there is a dedicated page filled with links to useful resources and guides.

Check out the resources for each episode below. Here are the latest episodes:

Bite-Size Guitar Podcast

Splitting Up Your Guitar Time: Bite-Size Guitar Podcast Episode 50

In this episode, let’s take a look at how you currently split your guitar playing time between fun and practice and why it matters.

Bite-Size Guitar Podcast

Using YouTube to Learn Guitar: Bite-Size Guitar Podcast Episode 49

Find out how to get the most out of YouTube to learn or improve your guitar skills. I’ll explain the different types of guitar-related videos you’ll find and how to find the best quality lessons.

Bite-Size Guitar Podcast

3 Skills to Learn Away From Guitar: Bite-Size Guitar Podcast Episode 48

This episode looks at three different skills you can learn that don’t involve practicing guitar. Learning these skills can help you become a better musician as well as improve your guitar abilities.

Bite-Size Guitar Podcast

How to Get Back Into Guitar After a Long Break: Bite-Size Guitar Podcast Episode 47

If you need to take a long break from guitar, this podcast episode will help you get back into a regular practice routine.

Bite-Size Guitar Podcast

Simple Exercise to Improve Your Rhythm Skills: Bite-Size Guitar Podcast Episode 46

Improve your sense of rhythm and grow the types of strumming patterns you can play by working on this simple exercise.

Bite-Size Guitar Podcast

Two Tips to Help Teach Yourself Guitar: Bite-Size Guitar Podcast Episode 45

These two tips will help you learn guitar on your own more effectively. Avoid getting stuck or burning out by keeping these two tips in mind.

Bite-Size Guitar Podcast

Getting Started With Guitar Plugins: Bite-Size Guitar Podcast Episode 44

Find out what guitar plugins are, why you might want to try them out, and how to get started. This episode gives you a brief look at guitar plugins.

Bite-Size Guitar Podcast

Dealing With Criticism as a Guitarist: Bite-Size Guitar Podcast Episode 43

Find out how to properly deal with criticism you will get as a guitarist about your playing or your music. Everybody gets criticized at some point, so learn how to deal with it here.

Bite-Size Guitar Podcast

Guitar Lick Challenge 1: Bite-Size Guitar Podcast Episode 42

Try out four challenges that will improve your sense of melody and rhythm. These challenges will also help build your confidence and freedom over the fretboard.

Bite-Size Guitar Podcast

How to Avoid Burning Out on Guitar: Bite-Size Guitar Podcast Episode 41

Find out the main reasons why people quit guitar so you can avoid burning out and falling for the same traps. Even experienced guitarists can burn out, so make sure it doesn’t happen to you.


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