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Can you practice guitar too much

Can You Practice Guitar Too Much?

It is very possible to practice guitar too much. Long practice sessions can slow down your guitar progress. Find out how much practice is too much in this guide.

Play guitar without reading music

Can You Play Guitar Without Reading Music?

Find out if you can play guitar without reading music and guitarists who can’t read music. Learn how you can play guitar without reading music and how long it takes to learn.

Lead vs Rhythm guitar

Is Lead Guitar Harder Than Rhythm Guitar?

Find out if lead guitar is harder than rhythm guitar and what you should learn on guitar. See how rhythm vs lead guitarists practice and what to work on to improve your skills.

Is a Les Paul or a Strat Easier to Play?

Is a Les Paul or Strat Easier to Play?

Find out if a Les Paul or a Strat is easier to play in this comparison guide. Find out about Les Paul vs Strat playability, comfort, weight, and more.

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