New Videos: 4 Cable Method, Licks, and Music Theory Explained

I recently created my new YouTube channel (click here to subscribe) for topics that are easier to understand in video rather than articles.

Here are some recent videos to give you an idea of what to expect from my channel:

The 4 Cable Method

While my guide on the 4 Cable Method contains everything you need to know to get started, this video gives a quick overview of how to use the method. You can hear how the 4 Cable Method affects your tone, how it gives you control over your rig and an example of how to set it up.


Fun Guitar Licks to Learn

Learning licks from other guitarists is a great way to expand your guitar vocabulary and grow as a musician. In my Guitar Licks Spotlight series, I showcase short licks and riffs from different guitarists.

In these videos, I demonstrate the lick along with an animated TAB. For each video, I have a lesson on my website explaining the music theory behind the lick, technique tips, tone tips, and more.

Here are some licks worth learning how to play:

Glasgow Kiss by John Petrucci (see the full lesson here):


Plastic Dracula by Paul Gilbert (see the full lesson here):


Thunder High On The Mountain by Joe Satriani (see the full lesson here):

New lick videos are released every week, so subscribe to my channel for updates.


Music Theory Explained Simply

Music theory can be an incredibly useful tool that can make you a better musician. Unfortunately, a lot of people get bogged down with making music theory more complicated than it needs to be.

In my Music Theory Explained Simply series, I take the most important topics of music theory and explain them in the easiest way possible. The goal of these videos is to give you an understanding of these topics in a way where you can start applying them to your playing.

To learn more about what this video talks about, check out this lesson on Guitar Intervals Explained Simple. Intervals are a good starting point if you want to learn about music theory.

Check out this video explaining Intervals for an idea what you can learn from these videos:


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