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Reviews on guitar related software

Guitar Pro 7 Review

Guitar Pro 7 Review

Guitar Pro 7 has finally arrived. Find out how it compares to previous versions and whether it’s worth upgrading to.

EHX Mini Synth App Review

EHX Mini-Synthesizer App Review

Ever wanted to learn how synths work and how to use one? Check out this app by EHX to get a feel for synths and even control it using your guitar.

AmpliTube 4 review

AmpliTube 4 by IK Multimedia Review

Record authentic tones with a variety of amps and pedals with AmpliTube 4. Whether you want to jam, write songs or record your own music, AmpliTube 4 provides an excellent range of features to get you going.

Guitar Pro 6 Review

Guitar Pro 6 is one of the few programs I highly recommend for every guitarist. Find out why it’s so useful in this detailed review.

Rocksmith 2014 Review

Find out how Rocksmith 2014 can really be useful for beginners as a learning tool and see what it’s like for experienced guitarists.

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